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Chrissy Teigen Had a Pizza Party With Her Son Miles and How Do We Get Invited?

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It's always a party in the Teigen/Legend household.
'It seems like it’s always a party at the Teigen/Legend household , and we’re wondering whether our invite just got lost in the mail.This week, Chrissy Teigen shared an adorable photo of her one-year-old son Miles Theodore enjoying a delicious piece of pizza.The 33-year-old model, host, and cookbook author captioned the post: “Pizza party!” Miles is clearly enjoying himself immensely, as evidenced by his giant smile and half-devoured slice in his band.Honestly, so relatable. . The post has over 540,000 likes (and counting) and tons of comments pointing out how dang adorable this whole situation is.One even joked about how much Miles resembles his dad, John Legend, by saying: “John’s really enjoying pizza night.” Teigen also recently shared foodie moments with her three-year-old daughter, Luna. “Making candy bars or the first and last time ever,” she captioned a video of Luna creating her masterpiece.Clearly, it was a labor of love, because Teigen followed it up with a photo of her and her daughter looking accomplished yet exhausted.The famous mom also appears to have chocolate stains all over her pants.Also relatable. “I look terrible but the chocolate is a beauty,” she wrote in the caption. “But yeah I an never doing this again.” I look terrible but the chocolate is a beauty.But yeah I am never doing this again pic.twitter.com/mx4OB2WpUy — christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) July 12, 2019 The mother has clearly passed down her foodie genes onto her two kids.Between the pizza party and homemade chocolate, it’s safe to say that Luna and Miles are absolutely living out every child’s dreams right now.How do we snag an invite next time?Related Articles: Chrissy Teigen Had a Pizza Party With Her Son Miles and How Do We Get Invited?Toys 'R' Us Stores Will Be Back for Christmas With a Whole New Look Timon and Pumbaa Steal the New 'Lion King' — But It's Not Because They're Funny Don't Miss Adam Scott and Don Cheadle Auditioning to Play Indy . The post Chrissy Teigen Had a Pizza Party With Her Son Miles and How Do We Get Invited? appeared first on Fatherly .'

Don’t Miss Adam Scott and Don Cheadle Auditioning to Play Indy

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'I don't know about you but I don't want a boulder rolling in here and killing all of us.'
'It’s rare that a  Conan sketch that doesn’t feature the titular host, but one of the best things his show does is a recurring bit in which a series of actors “audition” for a well-known role.The latest edition of this sketch: seven different actors trying out for the role of Indiana Jones . Billy Eichner — Timon himself — delivers a classic line: “Leave me alone I don’t like fast women” before adding “I don’t like women.” Side note: a gay Indy would actually be incredible.Sam Richardson, of  Veep and  Detroiters (RIP), has some creative input. “One idea I had since this is a reimagining is that maybe this time he loves snakes?” Cut to: Richardson covered in rubber snakes.Adam Scott is quite neurotic about the weight of the sandbag he’s using to replace a golden idol, as he seems to think the whole thing is real. “I don’t know about you but I don’t want a boulder rolling in here and killing all of us.So if you don’t mind I’m gonna take a little more time with this.Is that OK with you?” After brief turns by Seth Green as a snake puppeteer (it’s weird) and Tig Notaro going completely deadpan, Kevin Bacon gives it a shot.He introduces himself as Kevin Sedgwick and, unprompted, says he’s 6’4″ which a quick Google search for “kevin bacon height” reveals to be quite the overstatement.Then, he plays Six Degrees of himself and realizes he’s not far removed at all from the original Indiana Jones cast, which shouldn’t be all that surprising.That’s the point of the game, after all.Don Cheadle, whose real name is apparently Dan Chadle, is still riding the high from his role as War Machine in  Endgame . Unfortunately, that means he has a rather uncreative suggestion. “Does he have lasers that shoot out of his chest?You know what let’s add that, let’s throw that in.I’ll pay for it.” His other idea?Playing the boulder and singing a song to the tune of the original Indiana Jones theme. “Giant boulder, that’s my name, giant boulder, that’s my claim to fame, giant boulder, on your ass, giant boulder the boulder…” So there you have it: Indiana Jones: The Musical starring Dan Chadle.Get the popcorn ready.Related Articles: Don't Miss Adam Scott and Don Cheadle Auditioning to Play Indy Six-Year-Old Baseball Manager Goes Viral for Epic Tantrum.But Should We Be Laughing? 17 Signs You Need Faster Internet at Home Wondering How to Sleep Better?Get Separate Beds. . The post Don’t Miss Adam Scott and Don Cheadle Auditioning to Play Indy appeared first on Fatherly .'

17 Signs You Need Faster Internet at Home

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#12: You’re a new parent.
'This story was produced in partnership with Xfinity xFi , the speed, coverage, and control you need for the ultimate in-home WiFi experience.Remember the days of dial-up?You’d sit down at a monitor the size of a small child and wait forever as the screeching, beeping sounds of the modem connected you to a world wide web that was glacially slow.Thankfully, times have changed.There’s a lot more happening online now, from smart homes to smartphones, but the most intensive user of your bandwidth?Definitely video games, with their photorealistic graphics and sometimes thousands of simultaneous players.Along with faster speeds, there are lots of other features to sort through.Everyone needs a reliable Internet provider like Xfinity xFi, but once you have that in place, there are still many different options, and it’s crucial that you choose your speed based on what you and family will be using your connection for.Because while any Internet service is fine for checking email and streaming standard-def videos, it’s not enough for families — such as ones that love video games — who ask more of their network.If that sounds like you, it’s probably time to reevaluate your needs.Read on for some signs that it’s time to treat yourself and your family to an Internet connection that can handle everything you throw at it.Because there’s so much you can do with WiFi, and you don’t want to miss out.Sign #1: You’re a three-season sports fan.If your closet is full of jerseys for every season, it’s only a matter of time until you learn that watching sports in 4K is something special.Incredibly, you can see more on your TV that anyone in the stadium can, but it takes a ton of bandwidth to get picture and sound that smooth and clear.So if you’re a sports fan — a serious one — and you don’t want to miss the last-second goal or walk-off homer, a fast Internet connection is an absolute must.Sign #2: The boss beat you.Ever have a moment in a game where you’re fighting a boss and a weird lag causes you to lose a life right before you were about to taste victory?It’s a unique kind of pain, one that should convince you to upgrade.Sign #3: You’re a smart-home connoisseur.If you have more smart-home devices than you can count — vacuum cleaner, thermostat, light bulbs, smart speakers — you’re going to need more bandwidth.And because so many of the things that make our lives easier depend on WiFi, you’ll want to make sure your network can handle everything you want to connect in the future.Sign #4: The kids have their own smartphones.It’s important to set limits, but there’s no denying that letting the kids use their phones can buy mom and dad some much needed quiet time.Here’s the thing: If they have devices, no matter how many limits you put on them, they’re going to suck up bandwidth.It would be nice if kids read books on their phones, but the reality is that they’re watching movies, playing games, video chatting with friends, and using a ton of bandwidth while they’re at it.Because while it’s easy to pause their access with the Xfinity xFi app, when dinner and homework are done you want to make sure your kiddos have the bandwidth they need to live their digital lives.Sign #5: You’re a multitasker.Parents don’t have a lot of time, so you might have to load your e-reader with a new title, make sure you have the latest episodes of your favorite podcast ready for your commute, find a kid-friendly restaurant for Saturday night, and stream highlights from your favorite team all at once.A fast connection to the Internet is the best way to make sure you can get all of your digital tasks — the fun ones and the meh ones — done at once, because Silicon Valley has yet to figure out a way to add more hours to the day.Sign #6: You’re a downloader.There’s a ton of reasons to download movies, TV shows, podcasts, and games to your phone or tablet before you head out the door.You might not want to be at the mercy of whatever the airline loaded on the headrest TVs.You might want to make your long everyday commute go by a little faster.You might just want to be prepared in case you end up somewhere without great cell service.The bottom line is that your phone has plenty of space that you can fill up with content quickly if you have the right connection.Sign #7: MMO means something to you.The golden age of massively multiplayer online role-playing games keeps getting more golden.If you’re really into them — and no one is sorta into them — you need the bandwidth to keep up with the growing ambition and corresponding technical demands of these games.Sign #8: You’re a global gaming citizen.Online game performance tends to work best on nearby servers, but if you want to play with a friend on the other side of the world, you might have to log in to one that’s far away.A faster Internet connection means you’ll get great gaming quality whether you’re running on a server in Sydney or Schenectady.Because while it’s amazing that you can go up against players thousands of miles away in real time, you’ll only feel anger if you’re abruptly kicked off of the server.Sign #9: There are more than eight devices that can stream in your house.Go ahead and count them.Remember all of the computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, media streamers, and smart TVs that you, your spouse, and your kids use.Odds are that your connected family is pushing double-digit devices, and unless you’re planning on firing them up one at a time you’ll need a connection that can handle lots simultaneous connections without a hitch.Sign #10: You’re an aesthete.Do you get excited about screen technology?Know the difference between LED and OLED TVs?Can you rattle off the response times of all of your screens?You like pretty things, we get it.You also like bandwidth-intensive things, whether you know it or not, and playing games on anything but the highest quality, most resource-intensive setting isn’t an option.Don’t waste perfectly good pixels.Sign #11: You’re part of a gaming club.Since you had kids, gaming with your friends (who also have kids) is the only time you can regularly hang out.Don’t let shoddy service get in the way.If it’s in the basement, make sure to get WiFi extenders — like xFi Pods from Xfinity — to ensure that every corner of your house is blanketed in high-speed goodness.Sign #12: You’re a new parent, and you want to know what’s going on at all times.Smart devices are one of the biggest growing categories of baby gear.Thank god for that.From a smart video monitor with HD resolution to the ankle bracelet that shows your kid’s heartbeat in real time, even newborns are taking up bandwidth nowadays.Make sure there’s enough left over for you to log on to your favorite virtual world while keeping an eye on your (hopefully) soundly sleeping kid.Sign #13: You’re the life of the party.It’s great to have the party house — the hub where people feel free to come and go.But they’re going to ask to get online when they come over, and even if you share the Xfinity WiFi Home Hotspot built into your xFi Gateway (to keep your family network private) they’ll still be using valuable bandwidth.This is doubly true when your kids’ friends and their devices come over for a playdate or a sleepover.The bottom line is that a packed house with slow Internet is a great way to feel like you’re back in the days of dial-up.Don’t let it happen.Sign #14: You have lots of relatives relatively close.Your parents and in-laws and aunt and uncle and cousins live nearby.The good news is that you have lots of help with child care.The bad news is that when they come over everyone is going to want to log on to share pictures and videos of your kid.A fast Internet connection can help you avoid a familial photographic bottleneck and, crucially, eliminate a source of family tension.Sign #15: You work from home.Working from home is amazing.It eliminates commutes and lets you work in your pj’s.It’s also a godsend for parents, as it comes with the flexibility to take care of the kids while getting work done.It’s also bandwidth-intensive, as video calls into meetings and screen sharing collaborations become integral parts of the workday.Don’t waste your professional reputation (and your colleagues’ time) on the dropped calls and choppy audio that come with a network that can’t handle the workload.Because once you’ve lived the work-from-home life, going back to the office every day is painful.Sign #16: You’re a working parent.As a working parent, there’s nothing more valuable than sleep, but that’s a problem when the prestige drama that everyone is talking about airs late on Sunday nights.The solution: Go to bed at a reasonable hour, start your week well-rested, and catch up on Monday evening.Of course, this plan only works if you can stream video at high resolutions even while your kids work on their homework or — only if they’re done! — chat with friends, play games, and stay up to date on all the latest memes.If your Internet connection isn’t up to the task, you will suffer and your kids will get frustrated and want to bug you while you finally get caught up.Don’t let it happen.Sign #17: You’re a film buff.Real movie fans want the most cinematic experience possible in every situation.That means the family flick you project on the back wall of the house during the summer should be bigger — and clearer — than life.It also means that when the kid is away at a sleepover, the remixed and remastered version of the classic foreign film that finally hit streaming looks even better than it did when it was first released.It won’t buy candy or make popcorn, but high-speed Internet will ensure the visual and audio parts of your movie-watching experience are perfect.Related Articles: 17 Signs You Need Faster Internet at Home Wondering How to Sleep Better?Get Separate Beds.How the First Year of Fatherhood Changed My Marriage, According to 12 Dads This 20-Minute HIIT Workout Hits Every Muscle Group . The post 17 Signs You Need Faster Internet at Home appeared first on Fatherly .'

How to Choose a Baby Name You Won’t Hate Later

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A few simple tests to try.
'You already know the basic rules of baby names . For instance, you didn’t go “celebrity unusual.” You’re not Pete Wentz, so your child will not be Bronx Mowgli.We salute you.But baby names can go south in many ways you may not be aware of in the moment.Have you, for instance, considered the initial test?Otherwise, your  beautiful little Hannah Aileen Grant could be called Hag for the rest of her life.Speaking of kids, have you thought about how much nickname -potential your baby’s name might have?Little Julian could quickly become the Family Jewels if any clever grade schoolers make a leap.Now, there’s no name that’s completely safe.Nor should there be.What we’re saying is, it’s smart to put your baby names through a barrage of tests to minimize any glaring red flags.Like, say, the tests below.Of course, if there’s a name your heart is set on, no matter the results you get below, then stick with it.Try as you might, there is no satisfaction-guaranteed baby name.We can only do our best to minimize our kids’ chances of being bullied and legally changing their names once they move out and hate us. 1.Consider the Initials and Monogram Do the first letters of the first, middle, and last names spell anything?If your last name starts with an S, then you may want to start with something other than Ashley Susan.Oh you thought of this?Have you considered the formal monogram, where the last name appears in the middle, bigger, with the first and middle names on either side.Then again, maybe saving the cost of little Faith Tina Anthony ever wanting anything monogrammed with F.A.T. is something you consider important. 2.Ask: Does it Confuse When It Collides with the First Letter of Last Name?Give it some thought.Jonas Salk had to cure polio for people to stop thinking his first name was Jonah. 3.Run the Name Through a Clever Grade Schooler Yes, kids will bully other kids in the schoolyard for any reason.At the same time, you don’t want to give them all the help they could ever need to get started.To figure out how quickly a name could morph into playground fodder,  give your favorite name(s) to a clever 10-year-old you know.Ask them how many nicknames they can come up with.If he generates 10 in less than a minute, keep looking.  4.While You’re At It, Play The Rhyme Game Because Shelly might be smelly and Doug plays with slugs, but Drew, at least from word on the street, eats a lot of poo. 5.Perform The Email Test Does the first initial spell anything when joined with your last name?William Anchor sounds like an awesome choice — until it gets him assigned wanchor@whatevercollege.edu  and he has to look for a job with it. 6.Check For Up-and-Coming Celebrities and Sports Figures If the name you want is uncommon and there’s a match with the breakout new star of the L.A.Lakers, a new Kardashian baby, or the 22-year-old model currently dating Drake or Bieber, this person could very well become an annoying celebrity that everyone in the future assumes you named your child after.Just t hink how many parents of Kylies and Kendalls neglected to perform this test 10 years ago and regret that decision now. 7.Consider Any Smart Assistants or Upcoming A.I Alexa is a beautiful name.It’s also a giant pain in the ass if you find yourself calling it aloud near Amazon’s clever home assistant.Just think: In a few years, she’ll likely be even more present than she is now.This means that any time someone calls her name — or someone calls your daughter’s name — frustration will occur.Unless, that is, little Alexa is a whiz at trivia and/or great at setting kitchen timers 8.Check for Overpopularity/Trendiness Of course you shouldn’t care what other people think.But your kid may not be as strong as you.So, just to be safe, Google “most popular baby names” and consider avoiding the ones at the top of the list.Kids never want to be the only student at school with their name.But they don’t want to be in a class where five other kids respond when the teacher calls it, either.You might also want to avoid popular names that have appeared out of nowhere.They tend to wane quickly in succeeding generations.So yes, Braden and Jaden are trendy now — as are Aiden, Caden and the assorted other –dens — but they will nail your child to a specific generation faster than those emails you received last week from Esther and Marvin revealed that they were not sent by millennials.To top it off, maybe Google “baby names people hate” and, for your child’s sake, at least consider reconsidering Neveah (Heaven backward), which perpetually tops the list along with (yep) Jaden or Braden for the boys. 9.Ask: Is it Google-able?I have an un-Googleable friend named Faith Will.For her entire adult life, searches for her name have come up empty.The only good thing is the constant reminders she receives that her faith will move mountains. (Also, if she ever does anything horrible that makes national news, potential employers may not find out.)  So Google the full name you want for your child and see what happens. 10.It Only Matters What You Think This is the easiest, but most important, test.If you love it, hopefully your child will, too.Surprisingly, this is not a test everyone puts their favorite name through.Related Articles: Wondering How to Sleep Better?Get Separate Beds.How the First Year of Fatherhood Changed My Marriage, According to 12 Dads This 20-Minute HIIT Workout Hits Every Muscle Group Viral Single Dad Has Become the Internet's Hottest Bachelor . The post How to Choose a Baby Name You Won’t Hate Later appeared first on Fatherly .'

Maryville, Ill. man charged in child porn investigation

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Jeffrey Fortner MARYVILLE, Ill. – The Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office charged a 54-year-old Maryville man Wednesday for alleged possession and distribution of child pornography. According to Captain David Vucich, chief of investigations for
'Jeffrey Fortner\t\t\t \t\tMARYVILLE, Ill. – The Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office charged a 54-year-old Maryville man Wednesday for alleged possession and distribution of child pornography. According to Captain David Vucich, chief of investigations for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, authorities received information about child pornography being distributed online via social media. The sheriff’s office launched an investigation and obtained a search warrant for a residence in Maryville after tracing the origin of the illicit material. Deputies went to the home of Jeffrey Fortner on April 9, 2019 and seized computer equipment from his residence. A search determined Fortner had child porn on his computer and had shared it. Prosecutors charged Fortner with three counts of distribution of child porn and three counts of possession of child porn. He remains in custody at Madison County Jail on a $100,000 bond. \t\t\t38.724500 \t\t\t-89.957244'

7 Neck Exercises to Prevent And Correct “Tech Neck”

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Do something about it.
'It’s very likely you’re reading this on your smartphone, or maybe on your tablet . Now, don’t stop reading or anything.Just understand that the way you tilt your head to tap, scroll, and stare at a screen is almost certainly harming your neck, back , and posture.Doctors have dubbed the physiological effects of our modern lifestyle “Tech Neck” — and it’s not good.As smartphone use  continues to increase, so, too, does the prevalence of pain and discomfort in our bodies — and the need for you to practice neck exercises.The culprit behind Tech Neck is not your phone — it’s your head. “Our heads flex forward when we’re on our devices,” says Dr.Chris Tomshack, founder and CEO of  HealthSource . “The weight of the human head is ten-to-eleven pounds, but flexed forward, that’s leveraged to 50-60 pounds of pressure.Our necks are not big enough to handle that much pressure continuously for any significant amount of time.After a while, the muscles that surround your neck get strained.” Signs of tech neck include neck pain, of course, but also headaches and pain radiating behind the eyes, at the temples, and at the base of the skull. “I have people coming to my office with sore upper backs and headaches all the time from looking down at their devices,” Tomshack says. “And people with rounded shoulders.When you round your shoulders, you hinder your body’s ability to take deep breaths.Your oxygen and energy levels can drop.” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment, so it’s important try to adjust how you use your electronics to minimize strain—and take a break from staring at office email all day. “Give your muscles, ligaments, and tendons a break as often as you can remember to do it,” Tomshack says.In addition, here are a few more ways to save yourself from developing tech neck in the first place.Hold your phone at just below eye-level.Use your index finger to text, not your thumbs.When using technology, sit up straight with your head in a neutral position (ears over your shoulders) with good posture and your feet planted flat on the ground.Stand up every 20 minutes and roll your shoulders back.Better yet, walk around.Consider raising your computer to eye level.Too late for prevention?Here are some exercises to correct tech neck, prescribed to undo and counteract the strain of hunching forward over your shiny toys.Chin Tuck Why? “This reverses the curvature of your upper back and straightens your neck,” Tomshack says. “You’re stretching everything on the front of your neck and contracting everything on your back.Tech Neck does the opposite, overstretching your back.Over time it changes your posture unhealthily.” How to: Standing, tuck your chin in towards the rear of your body.Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.Does this twice a day.Avoid: Looking down. “Your eyes must remain focused on the wall ahead of you at eye level,” Tomshack says.Neck Extension Why?It will improve your neck’s range of motion.How to do it: Sitting up straight with shoulders back, extend your head backward and look up at the sky or ceiling.Push down on your forehead with some pressure.Hold for 20 seconds and repeat 5 times.Do twice a day.Avoid: Tensing your neck and shoulders; forcing your head back. “Completely relax your neck muscles,” Tomshack says.Side Neck Stretch Why? “This stretches the muscles and soft tissue structures on both sides of your neck,” Tomshack says. “The better your range of motion, the healthier you are.” How to do it: Standing up tall, relax your neck muscles as you tilt your head to the left, moving your left ear towards your left shoulder.Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.Switch sides and repeat.Avoid: Contracting your neck muscles. “Let gravity pull your head over,” Tomshack says.YWTLs Why? “These stretch the front of your shoulders, your pecs, your biceps and your forearms,” Tomshack says. “The ‘T’ should feel wonderful.” How to do it: “Y”: Standing, extend your arms straight up, extending your fingertips to the ceiling and rotating your wrists so your thumbs are pointed at the wall behind you.Hold for 30 seconds. “W”: Drop both upper arms to the left and right so they are parallel to the floor, elbows at 90 degrees, with your fingers still pointing up and your thumbs pointing behind you. (You’ll form a human goal post.) Contract your upper-back muscles.Hold for 30 seconds. “T”: Drop your lower arms so your fingertips are pointing to the walls on either side of you, rotating your wrists so your thumbs are still pointing behind you.Hold for 30 seconds. “L”: Drop your upper arms to your sides, bend your elbows 90 degrees, and contract the muscles between your shoulder blades to reach your thumbs back towards the wall behind you, keeping your palms facing up.Hold for 30 seconds.Avoid: Not pointing your thumbs behind you; not fully extending or contracting. “The rotation to get your thumbs pointing back is what stretches the front shoulders,” Tomshack says. “It’s easy to forget, but not doing it reduces the effectiveness to almost nothing.And really try to extend each arm and your fingertips—it makes a big difference.” Doorjamb Posture Assessment/Stretch Why? “This works your middle-back muscles between the shoulder-blades as well as your erector spinae,” says Matthew Comer, a trainer and Pilates instructor for Club Pilates in San Diego . “It gives you a reference point to know where you posture is based on how far away you are, whether or not you can get your head on the jamb without your ribs popping.It also lengthens your chest muscles.Poor posture is associated with tight pecs.” How to do it: Standing in a doorway, position yourself two feet from the frame but with your pelvis and upper spine touching the doorjamb.The back of your head should also touch the jamb—if it doesn’t, position a folded-up towel between your head and the jamb.Reach your arms forward at shoulder height, palms down.Bend your elbows.Hold for 60 seconds.Repeat 3-4 times a day.Avoid: Not keeping your head in contact with the door jamb.Upright Chest Lift Why? “This lengthens the pecs and abdominal wall in the front,” Comer says. “The muscles in the back can be more proactive in holding your posture.” How to do it: Standing or sitting, place one hand on top of the other and then place both hands on the bump on the back of your head, palming your skull.Gently press your head back into your hands.With your eyes forward, bend back your upper torso slightly.Hold for 30 seconds.Avoid: Flipping your head back like you’re a Pez dispenser; tilting pelvis instead of moving upper-middle back. “Let your breastbone lift up and back while keeping your pelvis still and neutral,” Comer says.Face-Down Chest Lift Why? “This is a strengthening exercise for your core muscles,” Comer says. “Think of your entire spine resting on an imaginary wall as you lift up.” How to do it: Lie on your stomach with your feet hip distance apart.Stack your hands in front of you, keeping your elbows bent.Place your forehead on your stacked hands.Engage your abdominal muscles to lift your shoulder blades, hands, and head one inch off the floor.Hold for 30 seconds.Avoid: Lifting your feet; overlifting your torso. “Your feet should stay down the entire time,” Comer says. “You’re using your lower back if you overlift.This is just a hover, not a full-on lift up.” The Tech Neck Bottom Line Tech Neck is a very real phenomenon that can give you far more than a sore neck.In order to offset Tech Neck, first of all you need to take a break from your phone, tablet, and computer.Go ahead and give it a try right now.Really.Next, make neck exercises and stretches part of your daily routine.Related Articles: How the First Year of Fatherhood Changed My Marriage, According to 12 Dads This 20-Minute HIIT Workout Hits Every Muscle Group Viral Single Dad Has Become the Internet's Hottest Bachelor Chip and Joanna Gaines Just Celebrated a Major Milestone for Their One-Year-Old Son . The post 7 Neck Exercises to Prevent And Correct “Tech Neck” appeared first on Fatherly .'

Gabrielle Union & Baby Daughter Kaavia 'Served' Up Matching Looks & It's Too Glam to Handle

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Usually, we’d say an 8-month-old is too young to be considering a modeling career. But in the case of Kaavia James Union Wade, we might make an exception. Gabrielle Union posted a bikini photo with daughter Kaavia on Instagram that proves just how
'Usually, we’d say an 8-month-old is too young to be considering a modeling career. But in the case of Kaavia James Union Wade, we might make an exception. Gabrielle Union posted a bikini photo with daughter Kaavia on Instagram that proves just how much star power her baby girl has. Between the latest ultra-glam look and Kaavia’s earlier red-carpet debuts and magazine covers , it’s clear that Kaavia shines in the spotlight. There’s no need to run out and get her an agent just yet — all we’re saying is, if Gabrielle Union wants to keep these pictures coming, we’re here for it. Union’s Instagram is a stunning feat overall, shot by a freelance photographer @ aprilbellephotos on Instagram . The Union-Wade family is currently on vacation in Italy, as evidenced by Union’s many envy-inducing snaps of herself and husband Dwyane Wade dancing on a boat in Capri, snuggling on a ship in Ponza and enjoying some gelato. The snap of Union and Kaavia features the mother-daughter duo in matching blue, turquoise, and orange Sai Sankoh resort wear . The caption reads simply: “Settled and Serving.” And let there be no doubt about it — 8-month-old Kaavia is serving up a fierce look with everything she’s got. View this post on Instagram Settled and Serving. #AGT @shopsaisankoh ❤🔥❤ A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) on Jul 16, 2019 at 2:50pm PDT Kaavia’s on-camera prowess didn’t escape the post’s commenters, who chimed in eagerly to marvel at her posing ability. “Kaavia is SERVING!!!” wroteTerry Crews. “Aaaah and Baby came through with the facial expression too,” Dr. Nandipha adds. “Straight queens,” Hannah Bronfman chimed in — and honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All kidding aside, we hope Kaavia grows up  without  feeling any pressure to live her life in the spotlight. But if she does decide to pursue a career in modeling… well, let’s just say she has a leg up on the competition.'

Florida City Using Viral Song “Baby Shark” to Deter Homeless People

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Officials in West Palm Beach, Florida, have reportedly begun using the viral children’s song “Baby Shark” to deter homeless people from a city-owned facility. “Baby Shark” is one of a number of songs that the city has begun using to steer the
'Officials in West Palm Beach, Florida, have reportedly begun using the viral children’s song “Baby Shark” to deter homeless people from a city-owned facility. “Baby Shark” is one of a number of songs that the city has begun using to steer the homeless population from the pavilion, which is typically rented out for events.The facility also has had a significant issue with homeless people using the location as refuge at night. “People are paying a lot of money to use the facility,” West Palm Beach Parks and Recreation Director Leah Rockwell stated. “Thousands of dollars.We want to make sure people paying this money had a facility that was clean and open and continue to use it in the future.” Source: Florida city plays ‘Baby Shark’ song on repeat to steer homeless people away: report | TheHill . The post Florida City Using Viral Song “Baby Shark” to Deter Homeless People appeared first on News Breaking .'